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All about Me

With a passion for makeup and beauty, I love transforming my clients.

It really is amazing to see how my clients come alive, instantly their true charm that has been dormant inside shines through when they see how beautiful they really are. This allows them to feel more confident and to tackle their day feeling great. I became a makeup artist to make woman feel good about themselves, whether it is for a special occasion or teaching and enabling them to do it themselves and look good every day.

My goal is to make you look and feel as if you are the most beautiful woman in the word. I believe that when you look good, you will feel good about yourself and you will radiate with a striking confidence and glow from the inside out revealing your true beauty and leaving everybody in awe of you, that feeling is priceless! That is the feeling you want on your wedding day or special occasion and that is the feeling that I strive to give my clients.

Having done some modelling in the past I know how important it is to feel good about the way you look when you are in front of the camera whether it is on your wedding day, a photographic shoot or any special occasion.

When you feel gorgeous, the pictures will reveal your inner beauty and confidence and take your photographs from OK to WOW.  

I only use professional makeup to ensure a long lasting flawless look.

My aim is to make your wedding or special event something that you can treasure forever by creating the most beautiful you!

Why you need a makeup artist for your special day

A makeup artist is trained to know what colours would look best on your skin tone, eye and hair colour.


Good makeup artists can do corrective makeup techniques to hide imperfections and highlight your best features.


Maybe you can do a good job of doing your own makeup every day, but you don’t want a pretty good everyday makeup look, you want something extraordinary on your special day.


You will save money hiring a makeup artist because your makeup bag and my kit are very different. To create a flawless look you would have to spend a fortune on professional makeup you might not use again.


Do you have nerves of steel? Trust me even if you are usually as cool as a cucumber the thought of getting married in a few hours and the extra pressure of getting yourself looking perfect for your groom is enough to rattle even the most cool, calm and collected  brides. You won’t be able to create the flawless look you want with shaking, sweaty hands.


Not all makeup is created equally. As the star of the day, all eyes will be on you, all day and from every angle. You need professional makeup that will be able to perform and last as long as you do.

You will need a calm professional in the midst of nerves and emotions running high. It would be a blessing just to sit back, relax and know you are in good hands and that you will look your very best walking down the aisle without lifting a finger.


It feels like you are a queen and the whole world revolves around you and on that day, it really does. Treat yourself by getting your Makeup done by n professional it can be as relaxing as a mini spa day and would do wonders to calm and relax you before the big event.


You have spent so much money on your wedding form the venue to the dress and photographer. Do not skimp on yourself, not on your wedding day. Having professional makeup will just complete your look ensuring you get the wedding of your dreams that you worked so hard creating.


Everyone wants to see your wedding photographs, make sure you never get tired of looking at them (and your makeup) and that it would be a treasured memory forever.

Contact Details:

Phone: 082 407 0557

Email: bianca@biancapmakeup.co.za


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